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Planted roof construction by Green-Masters

It is a fact that in recent years the need for more greenery has become much more intense, with many actions aimed at improving and increasing the countries that bring us closer to nature.

In fact, tree planting has entered people’s lives, with various actions taking place in Thessaloniki as well. Recently, Green-Masters completed the maintenance and construction of a roof at a primary school of the Municipality of Thessaloniki.

In order to complete and deliver the project, 7,676 aromatic plants and small shrubs had to be planted, completely changing the aesthetics of the space, while helping to improve the environment. It is also known that plants reduce the amount of carbon dioxide and produce oxygen, while roofs reduce the phenomenon of heat islands (they are a source of ozone creation).

There will be many for students and teachers, but also for the region in general. As a consequence of this, more and more planted roofs are being built in schools, however their maintenance is also particularly important, in combination with the restoration that is often needed.

Green-Master has experienced and specialized staff, which certifies in practice that it provides the best services. Love, passion, consistency and experience are the four elements of success and it is worth noting that the project was delivered on time, without procrastination and unnecessary delays.