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Reasonable prices

At we undertake the maintenance and care of gardens, plants and irrigation systems. We have experienced and specialized workshops with a constant presence throughout the year, relieving you of the responsibility and effort of garden care.

So, we leave for you the enjoyment and tranquility that a beautiful green space offers.

We adapt our work based on your preferences and the needs of the garden and whenever you ask us, a responsible partner of our company is at your disposal to give you advice and guide you in matters related to its maintenance, renewal and improvement. your space.

Our responsibilities include all the necessary work for the care, fertilization, plant protection and regulation of automatic watering, as well as all the seasonal pruning required for the proper and safe maintenance of your garden.

The visit of our workshops takes place on a specific day of the week, which has been agreed in advance and as much as possible the program and a specific time.

So, you know our work day and you can easily contact us directly, in case you need something.

The organization and monitoring of the work is done on a systematic basis by experienced partners, taking care to offer constant services, even in difficult times for plants, such as summer heat.

At the same time, experienced craftsmen can immediately intervene and repair any damage or emergency in your garden, as well as improve an existing automatic watering system.

We briefly mention some key points that characterize us in garden maintenance:

    • Garden visit by a specialized workshop, every week (by appointment if you wish), on a pre-arranged day.
    • Cleaning the space from leaves and carried materials
    • Grooming, watering and maintenance of existing plants
    • Fertilization and plant protection of existing plants
    • Adjust and monitor the automatic watering
    • Planting new plants
    • Seasonal pruning
    • All required seasonal work
    • and all this at the most competitive market prices.