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Gardening Calendar: What to do in November

November is the last month of autumn but also the harbinger of winter. Gardening is significantly reduced and in December, progressively, it almost stops for this and this month is also called “clean”.

We add fertilizer to our plants in order to take advantage of the first ‘good’ rains that usually accompany this month and of course intensify the following ones.

  • We collect the fallen leaves that have accumulated throughout the autumn period and in addition to favoring the growth of fungi, they can block the escape routes of rainwater, creating problems in the event of an intense and prolonged rain.
  • We take care of the support of our weakest plants in view of the coming winter so that they can cope with the heavy rainfall, the snow and, mainly, the strong wind.
  • We reduce the frequency of watering or even stop watering completely as temperatures are usually significantly lower.
  • It is the last month that we can plant as in the winter period due to cold and possible frosts there is a “ban” for this work.
  • Because the hours of the day are significantly reduced in November and the temperature generally drops, we move the pots with the most sensitive plants to parts of our garden or balcony that enjoy the greatest possible sunshine for the period, while at the same time being as protected as possible. from the cold and strong wind.
  • Because chrysanthemums are at the peak of their flowering in this month, we make sure to cut the dried flowers regularly to strengthen it. At the same time, as soon as it is completed, we do a brave pruning which will give them the strength to grow again.
  • Finally, in November we can plant vegetables such as cabbage, lettuce, carrots and arugula.

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