Gardens to Visit this Autumn

Hidcote, Gloucestershire

Reminiscent of the Arts & Crafts movement, these gardens were created by their amateur owner, Lawrence Johnston, in the 1900s and are one of the finest examples of their kind in the UK today. Thorny fences separate the main part, while each space overflows with different aromas and colors. The total area includes the “White Garden” and the “Garden of the Pool”. Plus, if you find yourself in Hidcote, be sure to visit another Kiftsgate Gardens created by three generations of female gardeners.

Houghton, Norfolk

Houghton Gardens has been one of the most magical escape destinations in England for years, exceeding the expectations of most visitors. Their wider area houses a large collection of contemporary sculpture, and this year includes the temporary exhibition of works by Henry Moore, which are the perfect addition to the beautiful landscape. Designed by a creative outdoor architectural couple, the Bannermans, the 5-acre fenced garden reveals a completely different feel, with vibrant colors and the most striking fruit trees on its trees.

Great Dixter, Kent

With an almost epic design result, the Great Dixter Gardens lead the way in inspired gardening and architecture techniques. Their appearance today was created by Christopher Lloyd, their multi-talented last owner, during the 20th century. He was inspired by the already existing structure which he started from his mother transforming it into something truly amazing. The unsurpassed reputation of the landscape continues under the care of the famous gardener Fergus Garrett and many more students who occasionally pass through its flower-decorated doors. With a growing ecological awareness of the area and a “laissez-faire” approach any time you visit the Great Dixter you will have to see something new.

Trebah, Cornwall

Recently, the Cornwall climate has been formally characterized as subtropical. This means that it can accommodate plants that the rest of the country gardens can simply dream of. In Trebah, located in a river valley, tropical flowers of various kinds are found next to classic British plants, creating the perfect scenery, extending to the sea. In the valley of Hydrangea you will discover foliage that grows so large covering the whole valley. A visit on an autumn day will convince you to explore one of the most beautiful places, reminiscent of the ultimate tropical setting.

Bodnant, North Wales

Rich floral terraces accompany the house built in the ultimate Arts & Crafts style, in the early 1900s and its gardens are one of the best examples of Arch Laburnum anywhere in the country. Each of the four main outdoor areas has an amazing view. A garden “nested” under a paved slope highlights a series of valleys and corners that stand out for their hydrangeas and rhododendrons, while it includes various species, which surround the visitor around “clouds” of green and seasonal color leading him to river.

Forde Abbey, Somerset

An imposing monastery located on the hills of Somerset turns into a magical setting thanks to its magnificent flower gardens. Under the care of Joshua Sparkes – the newly appointed architect – new wildflowers, acres of bulbs found their place and special full blooming corners emerged. Muscovite roses add a very British mood to the air, which fits in perfectly with the area and will compensate you with more!

Scampston Hall, North Yorkshire

It is one of the most recently renovated gardens on the list, located in an 18th century setting in Capability Brown-landscaped park, and is one of the most modern landscapes we encourage you to visit asap. In the late 1990s, its owners decided to create a truly flowery oasis, with the help of Dutch-looking gardener Piet Oudolf, who turned the abandoned Scampston Garden into an earthly paradise. Thoroughly re-examining the space, he added vast expanses of meadows and lawns creating a distinct form, which evokes a completely modern feel in a rich natural environment.

Beth Chatto’s Garden, Essex

As gardening moves slowly towards more ecological methods, we realize that some had followed this path long ago. The famous gravel scene in the gardens of Beth Chatto stands out in a very atmospheric landscape. The brand creator started working in the area in 1960, creating several separate spaces, such as the “Scree Garden” and the “Water Garden”. Her legacy as a garden and plant architect continued after her death in 2018, while she did not stop engaging in this love until her last breath.

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