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Lawn care

We take care of the lawn in the garden or in your professional space with responsibility and knowledge of the object. This work includes cleaning, mowing with lawn mowers and tractors, lubrication and aeration with a suitable machine. To maintain the lawn we use preparations for the prevention and suppression of diseases, replanting and proper watering planning.

Plant control – Prevention and treatment of diseases

We constantly monitor the course of the gardens we undertake and prevent possible plant health problems with special preparations that cure the diseases that occur, since the attacks by insects, mites and fungi can become destructive. A garden with colors and aromas at all times of the year guarantees constant monitoring.


The right choice of plants depending on the climatic conditions at the point of planting, the way of planting and the requirements determine their growth. Soil quality is also a very important factor and can be improved by using enriched peat and adding fertilizer. aromatic gardens.

Nutrition and protection

The vigor of plants and the lawn depends on the quality, composition and work of the soil in nutrients. Systematic nutrition, as well as spraying to prevent and treat infections, belong to our facilities. In large trees where the spraying is difficult or impossible due to the position of the plants or due to the height, we make without trunks for the environment trunk compounds (endotherapy), with great efficiency and duration. We also protect the Phoenix from the frost and the epidemic that has occurred in recent years, the red beetle.

Pruning trees and shrubs

Pruning of plants is necessary for their proper growth and the formation of the crown. We undertake the pruning either through the regular maintenance of your garden, or on a flat rate basis. We also do fruit pruning on fruit trees, flowering on shrubs and trees, landscaping on borders and fences. We also undertake work in difficult areas with the use of a lifting machine and logging projects of large trees.