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Irrigation system inspection and repair

The control and maintenance of the irrigator is a task that is done systematically by our workshops, especially during the high temperatures in gardens and terraces that we take care of. Irrigation network maintenance includes repairing and repairing any damage, modifications and extensions, adjusting the programmer, injectors and drippers.

Logging of tall trees

We have the necessary equipment and extensive experience in cutting trees and large branches. Logging is a task we undertake for gardens that we take care of on a permanent basis or after your own projection on trees that are in your private space. In case the cutting and the falling of the tree can create problems, the work is done with the use of special machines, in order to be cut in parts. Also for special cases, where lifting machines of special climbers specialized in cutting trees can not be used.

Protection of red palm beetles

The red beetle is the biggest problem of the palm because it spreads rapidly and when the infestation becomes visible it means that the plant has probably already been destroyed. Since the palm is at a stage where it is cured, our experienced and specialized executives undertake its treatment. Techniques we follow are the pruning that empties in light infestations, the tree surgery and the infusion into the trunk if there are symptoms of infestation in the central eye or in the center of the crown.