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The best solutions for the care of your garden.

To always have a beautiful and vibrant, is to constantly monitor and continue his garden. That is why we have three alternative care programs for you, taking into account the diversity and needs of each garden, but also the best economic solutions for each case, satisfying the relationship of the garden, we suggest the supply price. Always of course with the high standards of quality and service

The GREEN program is a complete garden care package, which includes all the necessary gardening work for its maintenance, such as: mowing and fertilizing the lawn, pruning and renewal of plants, fertilizing and spraying for proper nutrition and plant protection, – regulation system, digging, carving flower beds, planting seasonal flowers, as well as control by a responsible agronomist. Includes a visit of the specialized workshop for all months of the year with a corresponding frequency of work.

The increased needs for garden care during the high season April-September, led us to create the silver program which covers all the work of the GREEN program. In other words, it includes control by a competent agronomist but also increased repetition of work and visits of the maintenance workshop. That is, during the low season October – March, every 2 weeks and during the high season October – March.

A program made for people who pay great attention to detail, and seek the perfect, perfect result.

Throughout the year, the garden is inspected by a responsible agronomist, who ensures its good image and aesthetic health, in combination with suggestions for upgrades (seasonal flowers, decorative pebbles, rocks, fountains, ponds, etc.). In other words, it is based on the SILVER program, but is differentiated in the repetition of the work, in order to ensure the excellent aesthetic result.

General remark

The duration of the maintenance time is determined by the size and the specific characteristics of each garden

The programs include:
Garden care work
    • Lawn finishing and care with lawn mowers
    • Fertilizers, with slow or immediate release granular fertilizers
    • Pruning (edging, trees, shrubs)
    • Sprays (for prevention and treatment)
    • Carvings
    • Rooting ***
    • Engraving flower beds
    • Weed control, with conifers for weed control
    • Planting of seasonal plants
    • Control, regulation, irrigation network
    • Irrigation network repair ***
    • *** In the Silver and Gold program
Quality control by a competent agronomist
    • Lawn control
    • Preparation of a program of spraying and lubrication
    • Pruning control by plant category, carvings and flower beds
    • Check for proper watering
    • Quality control in plant protection issues
    • Guiding the workshops and assigning tasks
    • Configuration of visits schedule
Complete garden architecture proposals
    • Decorative proposals
    • Task analysis and costing of proposals
    • Support for proposals with a variety of plants and materials at competitive prices
Continuous inspection of equipment
    • Daily inspection of the use and specifications of the equipment by a specialized engineer  Safety Technique
    • Implementation of strict Personal Protection Measures
Continuous training of our executives
Not included
    • Plants, planting costs and transplants
    • Irrigation repair and replacement parts costs
    • Soils and enriched peat
    • The seed for replanting the lawn
    • Drugs and fertilizers
    • Tree supports and stakes
    • Works outside the garden (vegetable gardens, common areas, etc.)