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Tips to Keep Pests Away

When we start to make the garden or the balcony and we usually choose flowers that we like when they are in bloom. But there are other criteria to consider when preparing your garden.

Before you start shopping, observe your garden and see which plants and flowers you planted last year stood the test of time and looked beautiful all year round. Before you decide what to buy, here are some common mistakes most people make when it comes to balcony or garden plants.

Base the foliage

Do not choose flowers that look beautiful only when they are in bloom. Find flowers with beautiful foliage so you can enjoy them the rest of the year. Also, not all the flowers you choose need to have flowers. Put some shrubs to give life to your garden.

Do not buy plants that have too many roots at the bottom of the plant. Ask an expert to give you plants with healthy and fresh roots. If you do not pay attention to the roots then there is a high chance that your plant will not catch as you would like.

Get enough of each item

A garden or balcony does not look nice when it has 2 roses, 2 tulips and 2 gardenias. A garden looks richer when it has enough of each flower. So do not skimp on quantity.

Pay close attention to the foliage.

Before you buy plants, study them very carefully to see if they have any two colors, holes or tissues in their foliage. Get plants that are healthy to last you as long as possible.

Do not buy plants that are very flowering

Avoid getting plants with lush flowers. It is better to get fresher plants that will thrive in your own garden and not in the pot you bought them.

Do not neglect the labels

When you buy a plant, there are labels on it with instructions on how to care for it. Also, each plant writes the height it will reach so that you can avoid, for example, planting a very tall plant under a low shed.

Do not delay to plant the plants.

When you buy plants and fruits they should be planted immediately so as not to spoil. When you get home, make sure you plant them immediately and if you do not have time, put them in a shady place for a while so that they do not dry out completely and plant at the first opportunity.

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