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What advantages does drip irrigation offer?

It’s time to upgrade the way we water our plants and install a drip irrigation system. Watering is a basic care that all plants need and can create significant problems if we neglect it. Many gardeners are used to watering their plants traditionally with a hose, but this option is not the best for proper watering. When watering with a hose, the plants often receive more water than they should.

As a result, characteristic symptoms of overwatering such as yellowing leaves, blackening of leaves, root rot and disease attacks appear. On the contrary, drip irrigation is the most efficient, the most economical and the most environmentally beneficial irrigation system.

It has all the features that ensure uniform watering to enjoy healthy plants with abundant flowering and significant fruit production. So let’s see why drip irrigation is the most popular irrigation system and what advantages it offers us for better plant growth.

What is drip irrigation? Drip irrigation is a watering system that allows us to water plants evenly and at the same time save water. It includes a system of plastic pipes, connectors and constant or adjustable flow drippers that drop water drop by drop close to the plant root system. The drip irrigation system can be applied to all types of plants from horticultural and aromatic plants, to ornamental plants, flowers, shrubs and fruit trees. In addition, it has very little financial cost compared to the benefits it offers us in terms of convenience, efficiency and reduction of water wastage that we achieve.

What are the advantages of drip irrigation? Drip irrigation is used in amateur gardens, pots and commercial crops, as it offers a number of important advantages:

  1. We save amounts of water. By applying drip irrigation we save a lot on the amount of water we use. Our adjustable drippers need to pour a certain amount of water. In addition, the drip irrigation system has very little water loss due to evaporation, which is very beneficial from an environmental and economic point of view to avoid a lot of water consumption.
  2. We provide the plants with the right amount of water. When watering our plants with the hose, it is practically difficult to calculate the required amount needed at each stage of growth. With the drip irrigation system, we can regulate exact amounts of water required depending on the season, the spring season, summer, autumn and winter.
  3. We limit the growth of weed plants (weeds). When applying the drip irrigation system, the water wets a limited surface of the soil around the plants and trees of our garden, without expanding. In this way we limit the germination and growth of weeds, the weed individuals that have a significant problem in our garden plants.
  4. We combine the addition of water-soluble fertilizer. The drip irrigation system, both in the garden and on the balcony, can be connected to an oiler of suitable capacity for the number of plants we have. By connecting the oiler, it becomes very easy to add the appropriate liquid or water-soluble fertilizer and its immediate absorption by the plants.
  5. We protect plants from diseases. The drip irrigation system does not have excellent precision and uniform distribution of water, near the roots and on the leaves of the plant. Keeping the foliage dry and avoiding moisture helps protect against the development of fungal diseases that often appear on our plants.
  6. We save valuable time. The drip irrigation system helps to save valuable time, as it enables us to simultaneously water all the plants we have in the garden or on our balcony. All that is needed is to turn on the faucet or supply of the watering system for as long as it takes and then turn it off.
  7. We schedule the watering. One of the biggest advantages of the drip irrigation system is that it is very easily connected to a scheduler for automatic watering. Connecting the programmer to the drip irrigation system takes our hands off, as it automatically waters on specific days and times, even when we’re away on vacation.
  8. We water in sloping gardens. The drip irrigation system offers efficiency even in gardens with soils that have a steep slope, without losing water. Even in systems of vertical garden planting (vertical garden) that requires great precision of watering, the drip irrigation system can be applied successfully.
  9. We keep our space clean. With the drip irrigation system, unlike watering with a hose, we do not pour a lot of water on our garden house and the floor of our balcony. Due to the controlled amount of water, we avoid soiling our balconies and our garden as well as our shoes with a lot of water and mud which is very annoying.

And a secret about the drip irrigation system.

When there are strong winds, watering with a hose or with sprinklers becomes very difficult and has large water losses.

In contrast, the drip irrigation system is not affected by the wind and is particularly effective in our garden or balcony, even in the most carefree areas.