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13 plants with light blue and blue flowers

What flowers can we plant in shades of blue?

Blue and azure are the colors of the sea and the sky that symbolize trust, stability and calmness.

We can enjoy wonderful shades of blue in the flowers of many ornamental plants and create a beautiful aesthetic effect that offers us peace and rest.

Blue flowers are often chosen for decoration at events and are very popular in flower bouquets and bouquets. They can match the colors of our home, the decoration of our office, or we simply distinguish them because they have our favorite color.

Therefore, we choose favorite ornamental plants with blue and blue flowers to plant in our garden and balcony, to decorate our space and to give a happier note to our everyday life.

The most beautiful plants with blue flowers It may sound strange, but blue is a color that is not often found in nature.

That is why, after all, blue flowers have their own special beauty.

In today’s article we select the most beautiful ornamental plants with light blue or blue flower color for all seasons of the year.

From large and perennial flowers, to climbing plants, shrubs and aromatic plants to plant in the garden and in pots. It is worth noting that some of the plants we have chosen have varieties in other colors besides blue, while some others have only or shades of blue.

  1. Plumbago

We start with one of the most beloved plants with blue flowers, plumbago, also known as blue jasmine or Chinese jasmine.

An impressive perennial climber with dense glossy foliage, plumbago is fast growing reaching two meters in height and a corresponding width.

It gives us abundant flowering in pale blue color from May to November.

  1. Iris

The enchanting blue flowers give us in the spring and the iris, one of the most favorite bulbous plants that we plant in the autumn season.

In addition to the impressive flowering, we will meet wonderful iris flowers in other colors such as white, red, yellow, orange and even black! There are also beautiful two-tone irises with special color combinations if we want to make the decoration of our vases even more special.

  1. Aster

A wonderful plant that gives us beautiful blue flowers that look like daisies is the aster or asterisk.

The aster blooms in late summer until mid-autumn and in addition to the blue flowering, we will find impressive shades of red, pink, purple and white.

There are low varieties of stars with a height of about 30 cm, but also taller ones that reach 90 cm.

  1. Passionflower

Among the flowers with blue color we will also include the impressive flower of passionflower which resembles the shape of a clock, also known as a clock.

The passionflower is a plant that grows very quickly, reaching a growth of up to ten meters while giving us its superiority in the summer.

It is a beautiful way to cover fences and pergolas.

  1. Anemone

In the list of blue flowers we will definitely include the anemone, the beautiful bulbous flower that we admire as wild in the countryside in late winter and often found planted in gardens and pots.

Particularly popular is the Greek variety of anemone that produces small, numerous blue flowers.

There are many varieties of anemone in various shapes, sizes and colors, with large single or double flowers.

  1. General

Another plant with intense blue flower color is the general.

Also known as cineraria, the generali is an annual plant with dense foliage that gives us abundant flowering in spring and summer.

It grows to a low height of 30-50 cm and is ideal for planting in a pot or in a flower bed in the garden with many colors from yellow, white, red, blue, pink to purple.

  1. Yolk

Continuing the list of blue flowers and blue flowers we also reach the crocus, another bulbous plant with blue flowers found in parks and gardens.

A low-growing plant that reaches a height of 10 to 20 cm, crocus is planted in autumn and blooms in early spring with impressive cup-shaped flowers.

In addition to the blue color, we will find qualities in yellow, white, pink, purple, gold, while we will also find two-color varieties.

  1. Pansies

Blue flowers give us another favorite flower that we plant every year, either in autumn to bloom in late winter as winter flowers or in early spring to give us its rich flowering in spring and early summer.

We are talking about the pansies which, in addition to the blue color of their flowers, are found in yellow, orange, burgundy, purple, white and also in various colorful combinations.

  1. Hyacinth

Impressive blue and blue flowers are enjoyed in late winter and early spring from hyacinths or hyacinths as they are also called, the wonderful bulbous flowers of autumn planting.

In addition to blue hyacinths, we will also find other qualities in a feast of colors from pink, blue, orange, yellow, red and even white.

The well-known diachento stands out, the aromatic variety of hyacinth found in the Ionian Islands and on the islands of the Aegean.

  1. Morning joy

From this best of blues and blue flowers list, we couldn’t leave out morning joy, the hardy, fast-spreading plant with its distinctive heart-shaped green leaves and striking cone-like flowers.

It displays its abundant flowering from May to September with flowers in various colors besides blue, such as white, yellow, pink and red, while there are also two-color qualities.

  1. Primrose

Intense blue flowers give us the first time, the flower that blooms in winter and spring.

It is a low herbaceous plant with abundant flowering that grows in a cool environment and partial shade.

The primrose has a superficial root system and is usually planted in shallow pots and planters, as it does not need a particular depth to grow.

In addition to primroses with blue flowers, we will also find varieties with red, purple, yellow, pink, orange colors, as well as impressive bicolors.

  1. Rosemary

We continue with rosemary, the favorite aromatic shrub that also has significant ornamental value due to its dense needle-like leaves and wonderful fragrant flowers with a pale blue color that resembles the period of spring and summer.

Rosemary grows easily and reaches a height of 1-2 meters, ideal for areas with a Mediterranean climate and dry heat environment.

  1. Hydrangea

And to end the list of blue and light blue flowers, the hydrangea, the traditional plant that we remember with nostalgia in the yards of our grandparents, to give us wonderful flowers in the summer and autumn.

A favorite flowering shrub and excellent potted plant for the entrance to the house, the yard and the balcony.

Although the hydrangea’s natural color is pink and white, when growing in acidic soil with a low pH its flowers take on a blue hue.

And a secret about blue flowers

Many of the blue flowers we find in flower shops will not be found in the garden or in nature.

Blue roses, blue orchids and blue carnations are examples where coloring is achieved using a dye that dissolves in water or by spraying them with a special spray.

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