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4 Benefits that gardening can give you

If you’re looking for a way to relax in the hectic pace of your everyday life and get close to nature, try mindful gardening.

Caring for plants in a busy and stressful everyday life can become an activity of well-being, positive thinking and self-care.

By combining gardening with mindfulness practices – the so-called mindful gardening – in the time that everyone has, you can give yourself the peace and quiet break you need.

After all, man’s connection with nature is very strong, despite the fact that he spends most of his time between walls or in front of screens.

Mindful gardening increases feelings of hope and joy

Staying with the plants with empathy, watching the seeds sprout and the flowers bloom is a reminder that in every situation and despite the corresponding difficulties the plants move forward, grow, bear fruit.

The joy and hope we feel as our plants bloom or put forth new shoots is the feeling of optimism that no matter what happens in life, we will move forward, we will “bloom”.

Helping you live in the present

It’s so easy to worry about past and future plans or get stuck on his facts!

With mindfulness practices during plant care, with conscious breathing, observation and gratitude, the mind is trained to stay in the present, to notice what is happening now.

Thus, he is freed from negative thoughts and feelings.

The mind goes into a different flow, calms down as the thoughts calm down.

It offers more energy

Nature is the best source of recharging. Next time you’re in need of another coffee boost and energy, try this mindful gardening practice:

Before starting the practice, rate your energy on a scale of 1 (low) to 10 (high).

Take a deep breath and slowly exhale.

Choose a plant in the garden or terrace and carefully observe its shape, leaves, flowers.

Feel the smells. Can you identify?

Touch the flower petals. How do they feel between your fingers?

Close your eyes and stroke the leaves. How are you feeling? Notice sensation awakening in your body and mind.

At the end of this practice, rate your energy again.

It helps you connect with yourself

Like any human being, you too feel many different emotions during the day: joy, sadness, anger, frustration.

All feelings need to be welcomed and acknowledged.

This will only happen if we connect with our own selves, with our mind and soul.

Gardening is an active way to practice mindfulness and look deep within yourself.

It gives you the support you need to embrace all the emotions and live each moment as it is.

Mindful gardening is a practice that takes time, persistence and patience.

It is a process of training in acceptance, a process that focuses on the present, the now. It is a practice that brings joy and peace, and plants are the best friends to help on this journey of self-awareness and empathy.

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