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Plant selection criteria

In order to choose the right types of plants for the garden or terrace there are a few things to do:

  • Assessment of the climatic conditions prevailing in the area.
  • Assessment of the private conditions prevailing in our garden or terrace (shadow from buildings, orientation, etc.)
  • Determining the uses of the space, movement within it as well as planned constructions.
  • Close cooperation with an expert (agronomist, landscape architect, gardener) to make the right choices that will meet our needs, the available space and the local environmental conditions
  • Selection of plants according to form, colors, final size so that alternations of images appear in the space and maintain the space of interest in all seasons.
  • Calculation of the supply cost of the plants depending on the species and the initial size.
  • Calculation of maintenance needs. How willing are we to tend to our garden?

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