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The Absolute Must-Have in a Garden

Dream of your garden or balcony full of beautiful colors, flowers and plants, special decoration and nice smells. Now open your eyes and see how you can get the garden or terrace of your dreams by following the tips below.


This period is the right time to prepare your garden. If you do not know where to start, here are the steps to follow:

a. Clean the garden with a suitable brushcutter. With little money you can find the right one for you, avoiding all this tedious work with unsuitable tools or with your hands.

b. Cut and prune trees and tall plants to give them the shape you want. You can find chainsaws electric, gasoline, rechargeable or battery to make your garden a little, so that it can “welcome” new plants and flowers.

c.Mow the lawn or create that feel with synthetic turf! Don’t have a lawn? You do not know what you are missing out on! The lawn completely changes the image of a garden, it shows it cleaner, more beautiful and more … green!

d. Enrich the soil For this task, and especially if you have noticed that your garden is not very fruitful, you will need some soil conditioners and fertilizer.

e. Find the right watering system Watering hoses, guns, nozzles, watering cans and watering cans.

f. Clean the furniture with the right detergents. Because the garden furniture has probably not been cleaned since last September, shine effortlessly and without having to spend a lot of time.


After the garden or the balcony has been cleaned, the right base has been created, now is the right time to deal with its configuration! Shading is one of the most important parts of a functional garden that you will enjoy and you will never leave!

Once the issue of shading is resolved you can look at garden fencing which is just as important. A very economical solution is the reeds that will protect you from prying eyes that with such a garden will be many …

Decoration tip

We all want to have a dream home with an even more dream garden. Make a beautiful corner or a small path by placing an outdoor floor. You do not need to cover a large area. Lay a floor where you will sit, so that this space remains cleaner.

After shading and fencing, it is the turn of growing plants, vegetables and placing beautiful pots. Plant spring plants such as gazania, mallow, buttercup, tulip, rose, calendula and pansy.

Choose pots in different shades or take them in one color and paint them in a color of your choice. Put a label on each pot to remember the flower or plant it contains and to know at all times how to care for it.


Your garden is now landscaped and now it’s time to properly organize and decorate it. Organize gardening tools in closets (plastic or iron), houses or garden storage. On the balcony a closet is a must as in it you can store several things that do not fit inside the house.


If you already have garden furniture you can add some beautiful touches to make your garden look more complete. There are many solutions that will beautify your space and will fill you with joy. You can find bistros, dining rooms, lounges, sunbeds, swings and armchairs. A deck chair, a small table to rest your drink or coffee and an umbrella for shading will be all you need!

Decoration tip

Before you buy anything, decide on the style of decoration that you would like for your garden or balcony. Do you prefer wood, bamboo or metal?

If your furniture is old and you do not want to change it yet, you can simply put plenty of pillows in the most spring and summer shades. The garden needs color to look beautiful and until the flowers you planted bloom, you can bring it to life with decorative elements.

A hammock would be a great idea! Imagine yourself lying on it enjoying your cool cocktail while reading your favorite book.

Some lanterns will give even more style to your garden. Put candles inside them and illuminate your nights in your beautiful garden with their romantic lighting.

For the coolest nights you will want to sit and enjoy your beautiful garden, add to your furniture some throws that will warm you up and give a more cozy atmosphere to your garden.


The weather has improved, our mood has soared and we have all already entered spring rhythms. Now that the time has changed and the night is getting darker, you can organize a barbecue for friends any day. You will need a charcoal or gas grill, which is cheaper, or install a built-in barbeque, which is a very nice choice.

And if your home has no garden but only a balcony then the grill is also a good idea to organize the most beautiful barbeque.

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