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When do we plant parsley?

What season is suitable for planting and growing parsley?

Parsley is a favorite herb that we use every day, as it gives a unique flavor to salads, pies and wonderful cooking recipes.

In addition to the vegetable garden, we often find parsley planted in pots on the balcony and on the kitchen window.

Planting parsley can be easily done from seed or even with ready-made parsley plants available from nurseries and agricultural stores.

Let’s see in detail when parsley is planted, as well as useful tips for planting so that we can enjoy its fresh leaves full of flavor and aroma.

What season do we plant parsley?

The best time to plant parsley is fall and spring. Of course, we have to choose the right environment, we can plant almost all year round. Parsley needs a cool environment with temperatures of 10-20°C to develop satisfactory vegetation and lush green foliage.

When we plant in a cold period of the year, we choose sunny planting sites, while when we plant in hot periods, we prefer semi-shaded or shady planting sites.

The only time we cannot plant parsley is when there are extreme temperatures, in the winter when the low temperature does not allow the very high summer temperatures.

We must point out that there are parsleys that are resistant to frosts, as well as those that are more resistant to high temperatures and do not fade immediately, that is, to show the flowering shoot and stop the production of tender leaves.

How do we sow parsley?

Parsley is planted by seed on the road or directly in the field at a depth of about 0.5 – 1 cm and germinates in 10-15 parts.

It can be planted in seedlings almost all year round and transplanted after 5-6 weeks in our garden.

At what distances do we plant the parsley plants?

We plant the parsley plants at the appropriate planting distances, 15-20 cm between the plants and 30-40 cm between the planting lines.

We prefer sparse sowing and planting of parsley to avoid moisture and poor ventilation, conditions that favor the development of diseases.

How do we improve the soil for planting parsley?

Parsley planting needs fluffy and fertile soil with enough organic matter to drain excess water after watering and rains.

To improve the soil and add nutrients, we can add soil improvers such as manure, peat and compost.

In addition, the addition of organic fertilizer helps the growth of parsley and the creation of rich foliage.

If our garden does not have good soil at all, an effective way we recommend to grow parsley is to plant in raised beds, where we add the appropriate soil mixture.

In addition, parsley can easily be grown in a pot on the balcony to cut fresh leaves whenever we need them.

How do we plant parsley in a pot and in a planter?

Gardening newbies who don’t have a garden can easily plant parsley in pots, in their yard and on their balcony.

For planting parsley, we mainly choose places with western or eastern exposure to protect the plants from strong sunshine and strong north winds.

We choose shallow pots, up to 20 cm high and wide enough to develop the surface root system of the parsley.

To fill the pots, we choose potting soil suitable for herbs and horticulture and enriched in nutrients and perlite.

We place gravel at the base of the parsley pot to drain excess water after watering so that the roots of the plant do not rot.

And a secret for planting parsley.

In the spring vegetable garden, the parsley crop can be combined with the tomato crop, the pepper crop and the eggplant crop grows best in semi-shaded places during the summer season.