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Rocket: Tips for planting and growing

Arugula is one of the most aromatic and spicy herbs of the Mediterranean cuisine with a unique taste, which in recent years have been particularly popular in green salads and in cold sandwiches. arugula belongs to the same family as cabbage, cauliflower and broccoli. It is a low-growing plant with characteristic leaves that resemble a feather shape. Arugula is an annual vegetable, meaning its cultivation and harvest is completed within one year.It is considered a food of high nutritional value, as it is rich in fiber, vitamins and the minerals calcium, iron and magnesium. of arugula has been minimized in care, it grows easily and gives us a rich production without much effort. It is an ideal start for novice gardeners, as well as for young children taking their first steps in gardening.As we see in detail, what season do we plant arugula, what are the main qualities of arugula to plant, as well as useful tips for caring for arugula so that we can enjoy a rich harvest of fresh leaves full of flavor from our garden.

What are the most popular arugula varieties to plant?

There are many varieties of arugula to plant, with a more aromatic or a more spicy taste. The main qualities cultivated in our country are the following:

Local variety of arugula:

The classic variety of arugula with green foliage, aromatic, suitable for salad that gives plants 30-50 cm high.

Large leaf rocket variety: Very productive rocket variety that gives plants with upright growth and very large broad leaves.

Wild Arugula variety: A variety of arugula, with smooth toothed foliage that grows quickly after cutting, very tasty with a strong aromatic and spicy taste. .

When do we plant arugula and what conditions does it need to give us a rich production?

The best time to plant arugula is autumn. It can also be planted in the winter season, even in early spring before the temperature rises too much. In the autumn and winter season, the arugula crop grows best in relatively cool and sunny locations. in spring, we prefer semi-shaded positions, as the intense sun contributes to the early development of the flowering shoot which stops the vegetation and the production of tender leaves.Tilling the garden and incorporating compost and digested manure before planting helps to have a bountiful production.

How to plant and propagate arugula?

Propagation of arugula is very easy by seed. The arugula seed germinates very quickly, within 4-5 days, even at low temperatures below 10°C. It is considered one of the seeds with the greatest vegetation among horticultural seeds. Arugula is planted sparsely with seed placed at a depth of 1-2 cm. About 2 weeks after germination, we thin the young plants to distances of 10-15 cm for better growth. It is worth mentioning that if we let the arugula plants flower in our garden and make seed, the seed will fall into the soil and next year we will have many new arugula plants without much trouble.We can plant ready plants that will be supplied from a nursery, at suitable planting distances of 15-20 cm between plants and 30-40 cm between planting lines.

How often does the arugula crop need watering?

Arugula needs frequent watering in small doses, especially during the initial growth period of the plant in order to have a rich vegetation. As an indication, we water 2-3 times a week in the autumn and winter period. If we water more than the arugula needs, there is a risk to blacken the leaves and rot. Especially for the spring crop of arugula, frequent watering is necessary at the beginning of spring when the temperatures rise to avoid premature flowering and completion of the crop.

How often do we add fertilizer to the arugula crop?

Arugula has no special requirements for lubrication. Adding digested manure and compost before planting is an important source of nutrients to have a bountiful harvest.

Additionally, we add organic fertilizer once, after the first harvest to enhance the vegetation and its cool green foliage.

What diseases and insects affect the arugula crop?

Arugula is a fairly hardy plant that rarely presents problems. However, in conditions of dense planting and poor ventilation, fungal diseases can develop that turn the leaves of arugula yellow. To deal with arugula diseases, it is important to avoid planting in close distances and to spray preventively with a copper formulation obtained from agricultural stores. It is also important to take care of protection against garden snails that eat the tender leaves of arugula. Adding ash around the arugula plants is a particularly effective ecological solution for dealing with snails.

What other care does rocket need?

The cultivation of arugula as long as weeding is necessary, i.e. the timely removal of the individuals of weeds (weeds) that are on the ground (weeding), is still in the development stage of the young plants. by hand or with a small chisel.

When is the right time to harvest arugula?

We can cut the first fresh rocket leaves about 2 months after sowing or 1-1.5 months after transplanting ready plants. We cut the tender rocket leaves every few days to enjoy fresh and fragrant in our kitchen. again.

How do we preserve arugula for longer?

Arugula, like most leafy vegetables, can be kept for a few days in the refrigerator. To preserve for more days, wash the arugula leaves well, let them dry well, and then we can store them in a jar or in a taper that we have placed inside. , file paper.

And one last secret for growing arugula

If we delay harvesting the arugula, the plant blooms earlier and the production of new leaves stops.