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Beautiful Wedding Garden Ideas

Have you arranged everything for your wedding and the only thing that worries you is the decoration of the church and the center where the reception will take place?

The purpose of wedding decoration is not to make the church and the center look like an overproduction, but with a few beautiful decorative elements to achieve an impressive result, which will not be suffocating for your guests. Impressive and economical wedding decoration ideas .

Use flower petals

For those who prefer the classic and romantic decoration, this proposal is the ideal one, to decorate the churchyard.

You can play with the petals of different flowers and create a pattern or even your own monograms. But to make the result even more modern and youthful, you can create an Ombre corridor starting from the lightest petals and ending in the dark and intense.

Of course, you can also put hanging vases with flowers inside and for the interior of the church to put large branches with flowers at the entrance.

Use candles

Candles give a very elegant image and are also relatively affordable. You can play with different sizes of candles in combination with flowers to have a more dramatic decoration.

You can also choose glasses and candlesticks in different shapes and sizes. If your parish allows, you can place them in the corridor you will pass, otherwise in the courtyard, either in the corridor or concentrated to the right and left of the main entrance.

But if you plan to have your wedding in the summer and your reception is in an open space, you can form a path that will show the way to your guests with candles.

While of course you can place them on the tables by placing a crown of flowers and in the center three tall candlesticks.

Use lanterns

Lanterns, like candles, add light and make the atmosphere warmer and more romantic, whether they are in the church or on the table in the center.

You can decorate them in many ways. It is a very good idea to wrap the half with lace and the light to create play on the walls, or just let them in the hallway with flowers coming out of them.

But the best suggestion is for summer weddings, where you can choose smaller lanterns and hang them on the lower branches of trees.

Place cages

And this idea we meet very often now lately and symbolizes the commitment of the two people in their vows of eternal love.

You do not need to place many decorated cages to impress everyone. You can put only two at the entrance of the church and decorate them with tulle, lace or even flowers, while if you put them inside the church you can put candles inside.

Use tulle for the reception hall

Whether you are planning to have the reception in open or closed space, the main thing is to decorate the chairs or even the ceiling.

The basic material used in such cases is tulle or various fine fabrics. The fastening of the chair is as you always understand back in the center or on the side of one side.

Of course, here too you can add some decorative flowers to the binding, but also crystals for those who want something more elegant.

Finally, the most economical solution for the center of the reception, so that you do not need almost anything else, is to put airy fabrics on the ceiling, which will create a wave and will join in the center.

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