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What do we plant in September?

Which plants do we plant in September in the garden and in pots from flowers and vegetables to trees and aromatic plants. As summer vegetable growing comes to an end, it’s time to tackle our fall garden. In September, we plant the first autumn vegetables that will give us a rich harvest during the winter. At the same time, we start planting the autumn flower bulbs that bloom in late winter, along with other beautiful flowers that bloom in the fall. In addition, in September we can plant various fruit trees, mainly citrus fruits, to enjoy their wonderful fruits. Suitable season for new lawn planting, as well as for additional plantings when our lawn has shown some gaps. If we want to make a herb garden, we can plant various aromatic plants and herbs to use in our kitchen and in our drinks. So let’s see in detail what we plant in the month of September so that we can enjoy a beautiful autumn in our garden and on our balcony.

1. Which vegetables do we plant in September in the garden and in pots?

September is the right time to start planting our favorite autumn vegetables in our garden and balcony.

The “must have” vegetables in the autumn vegetable garden are:

  • the cultivation of cabbage,
  • the cultivation of broccoli,
  • the cultivation of cauliflower,
  • and the cultivation of kale, our well-known cabbage.

Classic options for planting or sowing are also green leafy vegetables and underground bulbous vegetables such as:

  • the cultivation of lettuce,
  • growing spinach,
  • the sedge crop
  • carrot cultivation,
  • beet cultivation.

Finally, we should note that in the southern regions of the country the autumn planting and cultivation of potatoes begins.

2. Which herbs do we plant in September in the garden and in pots?

Next to vegetables, September is an ideal month to plant or sow our favorite herbs such as:

  • coca for growing fresh onion,
  • the arugula crop,
  • the cultivation of parsley,
  • dill cultivation,
  • the cultivation of fennel,
  • the cultivation of celery,
  • leek cultivation,
  • the cultivation of chives.

3. Which flowers and ornamental plants in September?

In September, the planting of autumn bulbs begins, which will give us their flowering in late winter and early spring.

The flower bulbs we can plant are:

  • The tulip with the impressive flowers,
  • The freesia for wonderful colors,
  • Hyacinth with its intoxicating aroma,
  • The iris with the enchanting flowers,
  • The narcissus for beautiful bouquets and decoration in a vase,
  • The amaryllis with the big flowers.

We remind you that the depth of planting the bulbs in the soil varies between 5-15 cm, depending on the type of flower and the size of the bulb. Favorite flowers that we plant in September are the chrysanthemum and the cyclamen, which give us their exceptional flowering in autumn and winter.

Of course, we can also go for more classic options of ornamental plants that continue to bloom from summer to autumn, such as:

  • the timeless geranium,
  • the hibiscus with the big flowers
  • the lantana for abundant flowering
  • jasmine with its wonderful aroma
  • the oleander which is extremely hardy

4. Which aromatic plants and herbs do we plant in September?

September is also a suitable month for creating a botanical garden by planting aromatic plants and herbs in our garden and balcony.

We can start with aromatic plants that we use in the kitchen such as:

  • oregano cultivation,
  • the cultivation of thyme,
  • the cultivation of mint
  • the cultivation of rosemary

And if we want aromatic plants for a drink, there is:

  • the cultivation of sage,
  • the cultivation of dictum
  • marjoram cultivation

5. In September we do lawn seeding and turf planting.

This period, in autumn, is suitable for seeding and planting new turf or for selective seeding in places to cover the gaps of the existing lawn.

For planting a new lawn, it is important to remove individual weeds (weeds) and large stones from the ground and do a good tilling to make the soil more fluffy.

Then we make sure to incorporate into the soil where we will plant the lawn an appropriate amount of peat, compost, perlite and slow release fertilizer to improve the soil and enhance the nutrients.

And a secret for planting in September In addition to autumn vegetables, those growers who have a greenhouse can plant tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and eggplants in September to enjoy the fruits during the winter.